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  • 夕食・秋

Enjoy the Seasonal Delicacy at Takayama

Our dinner is local Hida Takayama cuisine which is different from the other kaiseki dining courses you will experience at other accommodations. We do our best to rearrange them in a modern style. From its first dish to last, our meals are made with local ingredients provided with delicate touch. The looks of them are designed to represent the beauty of each season. Please enjoy the Hida traditional dinner from its full extension.

  • dining area

Our Japanese-style Dining Area

Dinners are served at our dining area Kagura. In case there are more than 7 people in your group, we can serve your meal at a special private room(reservation required in advance).

  • 2-abcd

More Entertainments Following on the Second Night

For guests who stay for 2 nights or longer, we provide your second dinner 夢屋台(Yumeyatai, the Dream Stall) presented in a special theme as the Takayama festival. At your table you will see a grandiose looks of the served dishes with our boasting Hida Beef Sukiyaki.

Imagine yourself enjoying the Takayama Festival while dining, an event ranked in the top best 3 festivals in Japan.

  • 朝食
  • 洋朝食

A Morning at Takayama with Healthy Japanese Breakfast

If your reservation is breakfast inclusive, don't miss out our breakfast on the next morning. It is served in a voluminous quantity so if you are a big eater, please do not be worried. We have both Japanese and Western meal so please do not hesitate to inform us your preference upon booking.